Tours to Macedonia and Balkans

Macedonia Holidays, as one of the most specialized and an entirely incoming tour operator offers various tours of Macedonia and its neighboring countries, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece etc. ... more Our Macedonia tours for individuals and groups are designed to provide an authentic entryway into Macedonian history, culture, nature, daily life and people. This is done with the greatest love and passion for our country, an upbeat feeling that we like to transmit to our clients through interesting itineraries, fascinating venues and passionately capable guides. Our itineraries and tour lengths are flexible, making it easier for you to customize your Macedonia tour based on your own interests and time. We welcome requests from individuals and groups. Below you will find just a few examples of tours on offer, but we assure you many more can be developed tailor made for you.

Ohrid Half Day Walking Tour

This is a tour aimed to explore one of the most important towns in Macedonia, for those with very limited time or even if you are just passing by.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: half day

Skopje Half day walking tour

Explore the old and the modern parts of the Macedonian capital, Skopje in a quick tour lasting only a few hours.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: half day

Ohrid Weekend Break

Ohrid is the gem of Macedonian tourism and as such deserves to be explored. This weekend break gives you the opportunity to explore Ohrid and the Macedonian capital, Skopje in a short stay making use of the increasing low cost flights into Ohrid international airport.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: 3 days

Skopje Weekend Break

The Macedonian capital, Skopje is well connected with many European cities through low cost flights. This weekend break aims to offer any visitor a possibility to explore Skopje and its surroundings in a short weekend break.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: 3 days

Best of Macedonia Tour

This is quite a comprehensive tour of Macedonia which has been developed to offer the visitors the possibility to explore and experience the best the country offers. It does highlight all the major attractions that the country offers including special important UNESCO places, yet it is compact enough to be completed in the time span of a long weekend.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: 5 days

Classical Highlights of Macedonia Tour

The classical highlights tour has been developed to give the traveller the possibility to experience and absorb all that biblical land called Macedonia has to offer.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: 7 days

Macedonia Wine Tour

Macedonia’s mountainous geography, unique climate and rich fertile soil make for ideal conditions for viniculture. Throughout history, wine has been an important part of Macedonian daily life and culture. Local grape varieties such as Vranec, Stanushina, and Temjanika produce some very good local wines which are vibrant, fruity wines with inviting aromas and flavours. Producers like Bovin, Tikvesh, and Popova Kula are quickly gaining international reputation for producing quality wines.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: 6 days

Macedonia Religious Tour

This tour offers a glimpse in the hidden spiritual connection these places of worship have provided through the centuries. Macedonia is a biblical country. Today many churches, monasteries, fresco paintings, icons, iconostasis, and bishop’s thrones carved in stone or wood are a cultural wealth Macedonians should and are proud of. They are also proud of having given the world one of the modern saints, St Theresa of Calcutta born in Skopje.

Location: Macedonia
Duration: 7 days

Tours to Balkans

Balkans a fusion of flavour

This tour combines some of the lesser known countries in the Balkans; Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, by trying to show the best each of these countries offers. Albania offers a mixture of cultural elements with 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a rich archaeological legacy.

Location: Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro
Duration: 14 days

From € 1199

Culture Heritage of Albania & Macedonia

This is one of our most sold tours which, explores two neighbouring Balkan countries, Albania and Macedonia. It has proven to offer the right mixture; of cultural elements with 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the religious mix and tolerance of the region, delicious cuisine be it really traditional homemade or more elaborated, daily life, and the genuine hospitality of the inhabitants. Enjoy this unique experience which fuses together similarities and differences.

Location: Albania & Macedonia
Duration: 11 days

Balkans – "The starting from" tour

This tour as the title shows is a tour designed to be the most basic version of our other Balkan tours, for those who are limited in time and budget but would still like to discover Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Location: Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro
Duration: 10 days

Balkan Explorer: from the Adriatic to the Black Sea

Explore the Balkans from the shores of the Adriatic Sea in Albania, through the landscapes of Macedonia, and on to Bulgaria a country on the shores of the Black Sea. A perfect combination of 3 countries covering an array of cultural and natural sites considered UNESCO patrimony of humanity. Explore them with us in a comprehensive tour.

Location: Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria
Duration: 13 days

Treasures of Albania, Northern Greece and Macedonia (FYROM)

This is a great tour for cultural heritage lovers as it explores 3 neighbouring countries with 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the religious mix and tolerance of the region, delicious cuisine and the genuine hospitality of the inhabitants.

Location: Albania, Macedonia, Greece
Duration: 10 days

Wild Beauty Tour of Albania & Montenegro

Albania and Montenegro are neighbouring countries on the shores of the Adriatic sea. The countries share the sea, Shkodra lake - the largest lake in the Balkans and the mountains which both have plenty of. This tour will take you to their most spectacular natural sites without forgetting your interest in their history, traditions and people as part of the experience of a savvy traveller.

Location: Albania and Montenegro
Duration: 10 days

Discover Albania & Kosovo

This tour is designed for the travellers who would like to discover these two unknown destinations. The interesting part is that Kosovo has an Albanian ethnic majority and therefore is in a way a continuation of traditions of north Albania, and yet at the same time there is diversity in habits, culture, nature and sites.

Location: Albania and Kosovo
Duration: 11 days

Essential Balkans from Corfu

This tour is aimed to be an exploration of the Balkan countries Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro starting and ending in a convenient location like Corfu where many low cost carriers and flight charters fly for most of the year. It is an intensive tour aimed to discover the essentials of these countries at the lowest budget.

Location: Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Greece
Duration: 11 days

Albania & Macedonia - A Journey of Discovery

A tour of Skopje arrival/deparute where past and presents collide and intertwine not only in the plentiful sites and monuments of this two fascinating countries but also in everyday life. Especially enhanced is this mixture in rural areas where one can almost feel in certain elements as if time has stopped still a few decades back at least. Enjoy the rewarding beauties of Albania and Macedonia.

Location: Albania & Macedonia - A Journey of Discovery
Duration: 8 days