Getting to North Macedonia


There are two airports in North Macedonia. The main airport is Skopje “Alexander the Great” airport. …povekje It is located 17 km southeast from Skopje. The airport has a capacity of over one million passengers a year. Ohrid “St. Paul the Apostol” airport is the second airport in North Macedonia. It is located 9 km northwest from Ohrid. The main purpose of “St. Paul the Apostle” Airport is to serve as a seasonal airport in North Macedonia and alternative to Alexander the Great Airport.


North Macedonia borders Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece with the following border points:
From Albania: Kafasan, St. Naum, Stenje, Blato.
From Kosovo: Blac, Jazince.
From Serbia: Pelince, Tabanovce.
From Bulgaria: Kriva Palanka, Novo Selo, Delcevo.
From Greece: Medzitlija, Gevgelija, Star Dojran.


There are buses disposable serving passengers throughout much of Europe including, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and more.


North Macedonia has a well developed railroad system. It is connected to Kosovo, Serbia and to Greece. The main station is in Skopje.