Getting to Macedonia


There are two airports in Macedonia. The main airport is Skopje “Alexander the Great” airport. …povekje It is located 17 km southeast from Skopje. The airport has a capacity of over one million passengers a year. Ohrid “St. Paul the Apostol” airport is the second airport in Macedonia. It is located 9 km northwest from Ohrid. The main purpose of “St. Paul the Apostle” Airport is to serve as a seasonal airport in Macedonia and alternative to Alexander the Great Airport.


Macedonia borders Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece with the following border points:
From Albania: Kafasan, St. Naum, Stenje, Blato.
From Kosovo: Blac, Jazince.
From Serbia: Pelince, Tabanovce.
From Bulgaria: Kriva Palanka, Novo Selo, Delcevo.
From Greece: Medzitlija, Gevgelija, Star Dojran.


There are buses disposable serving passengers throughout much of Europe including, Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and more.


Macedonia has a well developed railroad system. It is connected to Kosovo, Serbia and to Greece. The main station is in Skopje.