About Macedonia Holidays

Macedonia Holidays is a Destination Management Company founded as part of a philosophy to create a unified management style and standard throughout several destinations, primarily Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo. Together with its sister companies Albania Holidays DMC and Kosovo Holidays DMC it is founded and owned by

two travel professionals with more than a decade of experience in the travel business in the Balkan region. Ours simple formula of saying exactly what we can do for you and doing exactly what we promised, can make a huge difference if done with passion, creativity, efficiency and professionalism.

What we do differently

Macedonia Holidays is a young, passionate and professional team educated and with experience in the tourism sector. ... more Our team possess great communication skills and responds in record time to any inquiries, making sure the client is always in the loop of things. The expression “tailor made” is in the centre of our organization and we truly work with each client to make sure that the services offered are exactly what he/she is looking for. We believe in building close working relationships with clients by listening to their specific needs and by making suggestions based on our know how of the destination. This help us to make sure we know exactly what to deliver to achieve satisfaction. At the same time, just as important, are relationships with suppliers which we consider an extension of our team, working closely to achieve a common goal, making the clients happy.

Sustainability efforts

We are aware that tourism is generally beneficial to our community, but at the same time it can also have adverse effects if stakeholders do not act responsibly and try to reduce its negative impact. ... more It is for this reason that we carefully choose suppliers who are part off or well connected to the local community. A selection of family run hotels and restaurants built to reflect the local traits and traditions, offering local food and who put efforts to reduce the impact on the environment are part of our supplier portfolio. Visits, stays and meals with locals and family run businesses are growing in our product selection, increasing the positive impact by spreading the income.

Macedonia Holidays' Licenses and Certificates

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